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Dr. Bronner - Organic Body Balm | Baby Unscented

Organic Body Balm | Baby Unscented

Brand: Dr. Bronner

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Dr.Bronner - Organic Body Balm Baby Mild

Moisturise and soothe baby's delicate skin with this unscented certified organic balm, comes in a handy tin, so perfect for on the go.

Perfect for calming and preventing chapped cheeks, dry lips and diaper rash. Certified to the same USDA National Organic Standards that certify foods, Dr. Bronner's baby balm is based on pure organic oils and beeswax.

Free of petrochemically modified ingredients. Simply organic jojoba oil,  beeswax, avocado and hemp oil to soothe baby’s dry skin everywhere & anywhere.

Also ideal for adults with sensitive skin: fragrance-free and extra mild.



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