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Relaxing Bath & Body Oil - Balm Balm
Relaxing Bath & Body Oil - Balm BalmBalm Balm - Relaxing Bath & Body Oil

Relaxing Bath & Body Oil


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Brand: Balm Balm

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Balm Balm - Relaxing Bath & Body Oil

Soothing and moisturising body oil

A luxurious blend of rose geranium, mandarin, lavender & ylang ylang essential oils infused into calendula, sunflower, evening primrose, rosehip & jojoba oils to spray into your bath or directly onto your skin.

This product is lovingly blended to be soothing, mood enhancing, indulgent & above all relaxing.

Not suitable for use when pregnant due to all the lovely essential oils.
If you are pregnant - our Ultra Gentle Baby Bath & Body Oil is perfect to keep your skin in Tip-Top condition. It is Fragrance Free, but you can add a few drops of organic Balm Balm mandarin essential oil to give it a delightful fragrance.

100 ml.


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