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 - Enchanted Island Salt Spray

Enchanted Island Salt Spray

Brand: Rahua

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Rahua - Enchanted Island Salt Spray 

perfectly tousled, wavy beach hair

Inspired by the lush Galapagos Islands, Rahua's Enchanted Island™ Salt Spray captures the spirit of a beach jaunt and one of its many perks -- perfectly tousled, wavy beach hair! 
By incorporating natural pink sea salt for texture and the exotic scent cocktail of guayaba, hibiscus and passion fruit, locks are left with tropically perfumed, lustrous, defined waves.
Star Ingredients:
  • Pink Sea Salt adds texture, body and hold, for a sexy, tousled look.
  • Guabaya Sugars add moisture & leaves hair feeling soft.
  • Hibiscus Extract strengthens hair’s core, adds shine and bounce. 
  • Guabaya Sugar & Passion Fruit create an exotic tropical scent.
Your purchase supports The Pink Flamingos Project.

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